We, RoshiQ Manufacturers & Suppliers, are a self contained firm in almost all aspects from designing to marketing of our products. We have a full-fledged tool room with highly talented personnel and also fully equipped production units for Injection Molding, Press Tooling and Die Casting processes.

We manufacture all kinds of accurate and finely finished –

  • Molds and Dies like Injection Molds (Hot & Cold Runners), Press Tools, Die casting Dies, Blow Molds, Thermoforming Molds, and Compression (Thermo-set) Molds. 
  • Plastic Products, which consist of quite a wide range including Engineering products, Medical products, Jewelry Boxes with unique and attractive designs, Household products, Packaging products, Thermoformed products, Blow molded bottles & containers, Thermo-set (Compression Molded) Products, Profile Extruded Products like Sealing strips, Beadings etc.
  • Sheet metal parts that encompass operations like stamping, bending, drawing, forming and any other operations.
  • Die cast Components of both Zinc and Aluminium. We also have post-machining facilities for the die cast products.
  • Rubber molds & molded products and also Rubber Extruded parts such as gaskets, Beadings, washers etc.,
  • Jigs, Fixtures, Gauges, Industrial accessories and Mold - Die Accessories.
  • Special Purpose Machines and Fabricated Parts such as Racks, Inspection Tables, Work Tables, Rollers, Trolleys etc., to suit our customer’s requirements
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